• (We advertise in the MLS )

• Electronic media – All listings are posted on our web site at and various rental websites. Pictures are attached to each listing.

• A “For Lease ” sign is posted in front of the property.


Tenant Qualification

•Tenants are pre-qualified over the telephone, we then schedule viewing of the property and our application is processed and verified.

• Credit checks are run and previous rental history and employment are verified.


Security Deposit

• In accordance with California State trust law, the security deposit is between 1 and 2 months full amount of rent. Said deposit is placed in a trust account.


Rent Collection

• Rent is collected on the first of each month as stated on the lease.


Property Inspections

• Property management administrators will drive by the property periodically and conduct exterior inspections. Interior inspections are conducted periodically.



• All maintenance is taken care of by FTI Property Management Our emergency line is open to tenants 24/7.



• Any payments related to the rental property, excluding mortgage, insurance and taxes are handled by FTI.